Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Replenishing LoadXtreme Load Wallet Through Banco De Oro

If you need to replenish your LoadXtreme load wallet but can't go to a bank on a weekday to make a deposit, you can always deposit on a weekend at Banco De Oro branches at the mall ... yes Banco De Oro branches at the mall are open even on weekends.

All you have to do is deposit to V-Mobile's account at BDO (Savings Account No. 464-006-2675) and once you get your machine validated receipt, just send a text message to your assigned gateway to notify V-Mobile that you have deposited in their account a certain amount to be credited to your LoadXtreme load wallet.  Please take note that the minimum deposit is 500 pesos.

Here is the SMS command you have to send to your assigned gateway so your deposit can be verified:


       LX Reload 5312345678/123456/1000/BDO/Market Market/206/4640062675/11-20-11/12:15:30

The branch code and the time are shown on the bank's machine validated receipt as shown below.

After sending the SMS notification to your assigned gateway, you will receive a reply from V-mobile confirming their receipt of your notification and when the amount will be credited to your load wallet.

In my case, since I deposited on Sunday noon, the amount was credited to my LoadXtreme load wallet on Monday afternoon at around 1:30 in the afternoon.  

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