Thursday, October 27, 2011

V-Mobile's LoadXtreme Product Price List

V-Mobile's LoadXtreme has a lot of products to offer ... cellphone e-loads and prepaid cards, landline prepaid cards, internet/satellite prepaid cards, game cards and a lot more so if you are using one of these products, it would be wise to join V-Mobile's LoadXtreme network and get discounts for your purchases or start your business with e-loads and prepaid cards.

Below is the price list of V-Mobile's LoadXtreme products and see for yourself how much you can save on e-loads and prepaid cards that you are using if you join the LoadXtreme network.

V-Mobile's LoadXtreme Product Pricelist (3rd Quarter 2011) -

If you are interested to join or know more about V-Mobile's LoadXtreme, just contact me at cellphone number 0906-3128912 or e-mail me at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why I Joined V-Mobile's LoadXtreme

The first time I learned about V-mobile's LoadXtreme, I didn't hesitate to join their network ... not because of anything else but because I believe in their product.  Prepaid cards and e-loads are now considered as one of man's basic needs so the demand for these products is high.

At first I don't know about the marketing strategy of LoadXtreme but just the same I joined their network as a TechnoUser.  My aim is just to get a discount from all the discount cards and e-loads me and my family are using ... a kind of discount card for our cellphone loads.  After several weeks and knowing that their system really works, I attended one of LoadXtreme's business seminars and I decided to join LoadXtreme as a Technopreneur ... why not? ... for just a small investment, I will have a chance to earn extra income.

It's been two weeks since I signed up as a Technopreneur and I'm just starting to build my network and so far, I'm doing well.

V-Mobile's LoadXtreme is an e-loading business which uses networking and direct selling as marketing strategy.  It's just like Avon, Natasha, Marikina Shoe Exchange, Tupperware and a lot more direct selling companies, the difference is the product that they offer and since I believe in the demand of prepaid cards and e-loads I'm confident that this is the right business for me.  I'm happy to have learned and became a member of V-Mobile's LoadXtreme network.

If you are interested to join or know more about V-Mobile's LoadXtreme, just contact me at cellphone number 0906-3128912 or e-mail me at

Saturday, October 15, 2011

LoadXtreme Technopreneur

Technopreneur kit worth 3,988 pesos
Another way of joining LoadXtreme network is to become a Technopreneur, more commonly known as a Dealer.  A technopreneur has more ways to earn than a technouser.

To become a LoadXtreme technopreneur, one has to shell out a minimum investment of 3,988 pesos (approximately 92 dollars).  The 3,988 pesos investment comes with a kit which includes the following:
      a.  Twenty (20) technouser access cards which can be sold at 250 pesos each.
      b.  Three (3) Smart sim cards.
      c.  Two (2) tarpaulins which you can display outside your home to let others know that you have an e-loading business.
     d. Twenty (20) product guides for your technousers.
     e. Twenty (20) product price lists for your technousers.
     f.  Twenty (20) quick guides for your technousers.

Being a LoadXtreme technopreneur, there are several ways you can earn.  These are the following:

     1.  By selling the twenty (20) technouser access cards included in your kit to relatives and friends who want to get discounts on their personal loads or by loading others.

     2.  By getting discounts on your personal load or by loading others.

     3.  By getting a 1% (Smart and Globe telecom products) and 2% (Sun telecom products) commission on sales made by your technousers.

     4.  By getting a 500 pesos direct referral fee for every technopreneur that you can recruit.

     5.  By getting a 500 pesos bonus for every pair of technopreneurs under your network.

The LoadXtreme technopreneur kit can be purchased from an existing LoadXtreme technopreneur and he or she will guide you on how to register as a new LoadXtreme technopreneur.  There are also group seminars or presentation which are being conducted regularly so you will understand the LoadXtreme network more clearly.  Here in our area in Taguig, there is a regular presentation at Market Market Mall at Fort Bonifacio Global City.  If you wanted to attend this presentation, just text me at cellphone number 0906-3128912 or e-mail me at but if you are interested to join LoadXtreme but have no time to attend to this seminar, I will be very happy to assist you and give you the information you need to know more about LoadXtreme.

So what are you waiting for?  Join the LoadXtreme network and get the chance to earn from these prepaid products we are regularly using.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

LoadXtreme TechnoUser

LoadXtreme TechnoUser or commonly known as retailer is the simplest way to join LoadXtreme.  To become a TechnoUser, you only have to purchase an access card from a LoadXtreme Technopreneur which costs 250 pesos.

The technouser access card contains the ID number and the Subscriber Activation Code or SAC which is needed to register through online or through SMS.  Your LoadXtreme Technopreneur will guide you on how to register.

Please take note that the 250 pesos access card is a one time fee for a lifetime access to the LoadXtreme system.  Once you are registered to the system, just load your load wallet to start your re-loading business.

As a LoadXtreme TechnoUser, the only way to earn is to re-load your cellphone or sell e-load and prepaid cards using SMS or internet.  You will also have an account at LoadXtreme website where you can keep track with all of your transactions, just input your ID number and Personal Identification Key or PIK.  Your PIK will be sent to you through SMS during your registration process.

As a technouser, you will earn from 7% to 10% on e-load or OTA (over-the-air) products and 5% to 17% on electronic pin products.  Please remember that loads requested through SMS will be charged a regular charge by your telephone company.

If you want to a be a LoadXtreme TechnoUser or want to know more on being a technouser, just text me at cellphone number 0906-3128912 or e-mail me at

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What is LoadXtreme

LoadXtreme was originally dubbed as Universal Prepaid Loading System, a mobile commerce platform developed by the technical development team of VMobile Technologies, Inc., now a member company of Penta Capital Investment Corporation.

LoadXtreme is a prepaid loading station which offers discounts on all its products and gives opportunities for members to get extra income through e-loading and networking.

You can do this e-loading business at LoadXtreme using your existing SIM card and phone and load all prepaid loads from all Philippines telecommunication (SMART, GLOBE, SUN) company, landline prepaid cards, satellite/cable tv prepaid cards, internet/broadband prepaid cards, online games prepaid cards, ABS CBN Vote Card, Star Records Digital Album, AXS card used for MRT and Pasig Ferry rides and soon for Meralco Prepaid meter loads.

So what are you waiting for?  This is our chance to earn extra income on the prepaid loads we are using and since almost everyone uses prepaid loads, the market is so huge which makes this business a very promising one.

You can join LoadXtreme as a technouser (retailer) or as a technopreneur (dealer).

If you are interested and want to know more about LoadXtreme just contact me at cellphone number 0906-3128912 or e-mail me at