Thursday, October 13, 2011

LoadXtreme TechnoUser

LoadXtreme TechnoUser or commonly known as retailer is the simplest way to join LoadXtreme.  To become a TechnoUser, you only have to purchase an access card from a LoadXtreme Technopreneur which costs 250 pesos.

The technouser access card contains the ID number and the Subscriber Activation Code or SAC which is needed to register through online or through SMS.  Your LoadXtreme Technopreneur will guide you on how to register.

Please take note that the 250 pesos access card is a one time fee for a lifetime access to the LoadXtreme system.  Once you are registered to the system, just load your load wallet to start your re-loading business.

As a LoadXtreme TechnoUser, the only way to earn is to re-load your cellphone or sell e-load and prepaid cards using SMS or internet.  You will also have an account at LoadXtreme website where you can keep track with all of your transactions, just input your ID number and Personal Identification Key or PIK.  Your PIK will be sent to you through SMS during your registration process.

As a technouser, you will earn from 7% to 10% on e-load or OTA (over-the-air) products and 5% to 17% on electronic pin products.  Please remember that loads requested through SMS will be charged a regular charge by your telephone company.

If you want to a be a LoadXtreme TechnoUser or want to know more on being a technouser, just text me at cellphone number 0906-3128912 or e-mail me at

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