Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why I Joined V-Mobile's LoadXtreme

The first time I learned about V-mobile's LoadXtreme, I didn't hesitate to join their network ... not because of anything else but because I believe in their product.  Prepaid cards and e-loads are now considered as one of man's basic needs so the demand for these products is high.

At first I don't know about the marketing strategy of LoadXtreme but just the same I joined their network as a TechnoUser.  My aim is just to get a discount from all the discount cards and e-loads me and my family are using ... a kind of discount card for our cellphone loads.  After several weeks and knowing that their system really works, I attended one of LoadXtreme's business seminars and I decided to join LoadXtreme as a Technopreneur ... why not? ... for just a small investment, I will have a chance to earn extra income.

It's been two weeks since I signed up as a Technopreneur and I'm just starting to build my network and so far, I'm doing well.

V-Mobile's LoadXtreme is an e-loading business which uses networking and direct selling as marketing strategy.  It's just like Avon, Natasha, Marikina Shoe Exchange, Tupperware and a lot more direct selling companies, the difference is the product that they offer and since I believe in the demand of prepaid cards and e-loads I'm confident that this is the right business for me.  I'm happy to have learned and became a member of V-Mobile's LoadXtreme network.

If you are interested to join or know more about V-Mobile's LoadXtreme, just contact me at cellphone number 0906-3128912 or e-mail me at abenojagrace@gmail.com.

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