Saturday, October 15, 2011

LoadXtreme Technopreneur

Technopreneur kit worth 3,988 pesos
Another way of joining LoadXtreme network is to become a Technopreneur, more commonly known as a Dealer.  A technopreneur has more ways to earn than a technouser.

To become a LoadXtreme technopreneur, one has to shell out a minimum investment of 3,988 pesos (approximately 92 dollars).  The 3,988 pesos investment comes with a kit which includes the following:
      a.  Twenty (20) technouser access cards which can be sold at 250 pesos each.
      b.  Three (3) Smart sim cards.
      c.  Two (2) tarpaulins which you can display outside your home to let others know that you have an e-loading business.
     d. Twenty (20) product guides for your technousers.
     e. Twenty (20) product price lists for your technousers.
     f.  Twenty (20) quick guides for your technousers.

Being a LoadXtreme technopreneur, there are several ways you can earn.  These are the following:

     1.  By selling the twenty (20) technouser access cards included in your kit to relatives and friends who want to get discounts on their personal loads or by loading others.

     2.  By getting discounts on your personal load or by loading others.

     3.  By getting a 1% (Smart and Globe telecom products) and 2% (Sun telecom products) commission on sales made by your technousers.

     4.  By getting a 500 pesos direct referral fee for every technopreneur that you can recruit.

     5.  By getting a 500 pesos bonus for every pair of technopreneurs under your network.

The LoadXtreme technopreneur kit can be purchased from an existing LoadXtreme technopreneur and he or she will guide you on how to register as a new LoadXtreme technopreneur.  There are also group seminars or presentation which are being conducted regularly so you will understand the LoadXtreme network more clearly.  Here in our area in Taguig, there is a regular presentation at Market Market Mall at Fort Bonifacio Global City.  If you wanted to attend this presentation, just text me at cellphone number 0906-3128912 or e-mail me at but if you are interested to join LoadXtreme but have no time to attend to this seminar, I will be very happy to assist you and give you the information you need to know more about LoadXtreme.

So what are you waiting for?  Join the LoadXtreme network and get the chance to earn from these prepaid products we are regularly using.

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